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OUR classes

Classes meet once a week in an elementary school for one and a half hours.  The first forty-five minutes consist of warm-up exercises and various improvisations games.  In the latter portion of the class, students rehearse a short script and develop their personal characters.  On the last night of class there is a final performance that includes some improvisations and a short play.  Occasionally we are able to book the Monmouth County Library for an additional Saturday performance. 

There are ten classes per session, eleven if the students require more rehearsal time prior to the final performance.  Classes may begin after school anytime between 3:30pm and 6:45pm week days. 

About Us

Awakenings Theatre Workshoppe gives young potential actors the opportunity to explore, create and be anything they want to be in a safe and fun environment.  Students will learn the basics of working on stage through the exploration of improvisational games, short scripts, monologues, and dialogues.  The program helps students recognize their potential for success.  In addition, it is proven that involvement in theater programs  improve reading and comprehension skills, increases self-esteem and enhances both verbal and non-verbal communication.